Garden Walkway - 2 Feet Wide
  • Garden Walkway - 2 Feet Wide
  • Close Up of Spacing
  • Close Up of Nylon Rope and Spacers
  • 3 Foot Roll Up Walk-Way
  • 3 Foot Wide x 5 Foot Long
  • Pressure treated Pine Roll-Up Walk-way

Pressure Treated Pine Roll-Up Walkway

Pressure Treat Pine Roll-out Walkways are a lifesaver and work wonderfully over stone, mulch, mud, grass, sand, ice, snow, and just about any other type of ground you can think of!!

Keep dirt, mud, and grass off the bottom of your shoes or bare feet by placing one of these roll-outs in any area where there is high traffic!

Have uneven ground? That’s Ok!!

They are flexible enough to lay flat in almost an terrain!

They are made with Pressure Treated Pine and don’t have any nails, screws, or metal fasteners that will require maintenance.

Put them in as temporary or leave them out all year long as part of the landscape!!

No matter how you choose to use your roll-up walkway, you will be asking why you didn’t buy one sooner! 

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Choose a Width
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  • Amish Made
  • Made in the USA
  • No nails, screws, or hardware
  • Slats are made of Pressure Treated Pine
  • Resistant to Rot and Termites
  • Heavy Duty Woven nylon rope 
  • Nylon Spacers over the rope
  • Rope goes through each board; end to end
  • No Permits or assembly required
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Space saving roll up design for easy storage
  • Free Shipping
  • No Assembly Required
  • Can be sealed with outdoor stain or water seal


Greenhouses, around pools and hot tubs, door mats, barbecue grill mat, outdoor/indoor shower mat, Chaise Lounge or chair deck, sauna mat, beach walkway.


Simply spray off with a hose or pressure washer.



2 to 5 Foot Wide x 2 to 10 Feet Long

3/4 of an inch drainage space



Ships via UPS Ground.

What's Included?
1 Roll-Up Walkway in the Size Selected
Build Time
3 Weeks
In-Home Delivery & Set Up
Sorry, not available on this product
Hand-crafted made in the USA by the Pennsylvania Amish
Fully Assembled
Materials Used
Pressure Treated Pine, Nylon Rope, Nylon Spacers

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