Outdoor Copper FULL BODY PIG Weathervane - Patina Finish
  • Outdoor Copper FULL BODY PIG Weathervane - Patina Finish

Oversized Outdoor Copper 3D FULL BODY PIG Weathervane - Patina Finish

3-Dimensional Copper Patina Finished PIG Weathervane



The pictures simply do not show the size nor the beauty of these Weathervanes!  

The Patina colors are in shades of Blue and Green with the underlying copper color visible.

Use on Barns, Homes, sheds or indoors as decoration or ART!


You get the PIG, steel rod, 2 Stainless Steel Balls, Arrow and copper directionals as shown in the picture 

These are large, often put on homes, roofs, barn or shed roofs,copulas or used inside as decorations 

Overall Dimensions 20 inches LONG x 7 Inches Wide x  26 inches High

Pig only = 21 long  9 high  6 wide

Most weathervanes are made from a machine that presses the sheet of copper to make 2 sides that are then welded or soldered together. These WEATHERVANES are handcrafted from a mold and HAND hammered from a pattern mold to make the animal. Each can and will look slightly different. Handmade and HAND -Hammered crafted animal!

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