Shipping Policies:

  • Methods of Shipping: Furniture Barn USA endeavors to ship items at the lowest cost to customers. Often, we are able to ship items via UPS or Federal Express. Heavier items require use of a third party freight company. We contract with a number of freight companies and will ship your item by use of the most economical. Shipping costs are determined by Furniture Barn USA and are non-negotiable.

  • Freight Truck Shipping/Delivery: Many items are too large or irregularly sized and cannot be shipped via UPS or Federal Express. In these instances, FBUSA contracts with a reliable/lowest-cost freight company for shipping. A freight truck will arrive at the shipping address you provide upon check out so please ensure that this address has the dimensional space available for a truck to stop and off-load items. If this space is not available at your shipping address, please contact FBUSA customer service department before completing your purchase. Upon arrival, the driver will bring the item to the back of the truck tailgate. The customer is responsible for removal of the item from the tailgate. Truck drivers are not responsible for the removal of items from the truck. Please make prior arrangements for this removal prior to the product delivery.

  • Power Lift Gates: Power lift gates are platforms at the back of some freight trucks that allow large, heavy or bulky items to be lowered from the truck bed to the ground. This can be helpful in off-loading larger items if you do not have a fork lift or unloading dock. This shipping option is often available for FBUSA items. The power lift gate option is an additional cost of $75. If you have placed an order for a freight item and want a lift gate, please contact Furniture Barn USA as soon as possible. Remember, even once on the ground, you are responsible for removal of the item from the power lift. Truck drivers are not responsible for removal of items from the power lift
  • Shipping Limitations: At this time we are unable to ship items internationally and cannot complete such orders. Additionally, we are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and mainland islands (i.e. Florida Keys/Pacific Northwest) that require boat access.

  • Freight Delivery Inspection Instructions:

    1. Upon receiving your freight shipment, you must thoroughly inspect your furniture for damage prior to the driver leaving!  If you don’t take the time to do this upon delivery, it will affect your ability to file a claim later! You can ask the freight delivery driver to wait while you make your inspection (that’s part of his job), do not sign any document until your thorough inspection is complete. First, examine the outside packaging of your freight item. Look for any rips, tears, dents, etc. Second, remove the packing and inspect the item itself. Search for any scratches, dents, or broken pieces (be sure to examine the bottom legs of the item as well as the top surfaces).

    2. If you find any damage, please note it as precisely as possible on the slip that the driver will ask you to sign (bill of lading). Please be detailed about the location and nature of the damage that you notice. After this process is complete, you can then sign for the delivery. Taking digital photos of any damage you notice will be especially valuable in helping us resolve the issue. It is our sincere hope that your item arrives in pristine condition.

    3. If you do notice any damage, please contact Furniture Barn USA at or 724-464-2222.