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Quick Ship Items are grouped into three categories below. 

Natural Wood Checking

Cedar Log Checking

Both White and Red Cedar Log furniture are subject to the natural process of checking as the wood “seasons” and dries. Checking occurs as wood releases moisture across or through the annual growth rings – it does not affect the structural performance or the integrity of the wood. Checking adds unique beauty to the log furniture. Varying amounts of checking may occur on any given piece of cedar log furniture and cannot be controlled by the builder. Checking is not an indication of damaged furniture and is not an acceptable reason for a return on the basis on “damage”.

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Barn Wood Furniture - Checking, Cracking, Distressed Areas:

The boards we use for our barn wood furniture are recycled from real reclaimed lumber, from aged and weathered barns and outbuildings. The aged wood characteristics may include: cracking, checking, nail holes, knots, and other characteristics such as uneven boards. The degree of these beautiful rustic details may very on each piece of furniture. It cannot be controlled by the builder, as such is not a cause for return as “damaged”. 

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